Welcome to Our New Broodmares

The great stability and accomplishments of our consistent Sport Horse Breeding program begins with our phenomenal broodmares, who are each truly the whole package, from their pedigrees, jumping scope - style - athleticism, movement, temperament and correctness.


Here we feature two of the newest members of our extensive broodmare band ~ the bay painted Oldenburg mare PF's Crystaline W, and the chestnut Oldenburg mare PF's Calianna W. 

Celebrating Our Young Stock

We greatly enjoy watching our outstanding Young Stock mature and develop so beautifully .. This outstanding Rio Grande colt ~ Rio's Cortez a rising two year old has gracefully matured into quite the Young Prospect. Like his sire Rio Grande the late phenomenal sire, Olympian and Grand Prix Legend. We here at Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses have the highest hopes for this young sport horse.

Welcome to Our New Canadian Foals

With Great Cheer! We welcome our group of five Canadian born foals . . . from top Show Jumping mare lines, such as .. Futurist / For Pleasure, Rio Grande, Pilot, Viva Voltaire / Voltaire.


These outstanding foals are also from top Show Jumping sires such as .. Cabardino / Capriccio / Cor de la Breye, and our Oldenburg Stallion ~ Diamo Blue / Diarado / Diamant de Semilly / Chacco Blue.


Here at Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses, we are really thrilled for the bright future ahead for these very special little sport horses.


With great excitement we announce the arrival of two very special broodmares - who have become the newest members of our outstanding line up of broodmares here at Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses.


We welcome the special Oldenburg mare with lots of chrome - PF's Crystaline W, whose outstanding pedigree showcases - Cabardino / Carpaccio / Cor de la Bryere in the Sire line and Rio Grande x Serg'ej  in the Dam line.  Crystaline is currently in foal to Diamo Blue.


Secondly, we welcome the classically beautiful chestnut mare - PF's Calianna W - Oldenburg Mare who's outstanding pedigree showcases the sire line of Cabardino / Carpaccio / Cor de la Bryere. Her Dam's line features Futurist / For Pleasure / Rio Grande. Calianna is currently in foal to Viva Voltaire.


We could not be more thrilled to welcome these outstanding mares to the Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses family. 



Our Spectacular Oldenburg Stallion Diamo Blue & Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses highlight the cover of July 2021's California Riding Magazine. Our Sport Horse Breeding program is showcased in pages 4 thru 7. 

Click on the image to see the full online magazine. 

Diamo news.png


With great excitement we welcome two new foals to the Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses family, celebrating the arrival of ... Dolce PF a colt (Diamo Blue x Chicarra / Cabardino / Rio Grande) and  Cia PF a filly (Cabardino x Vanetta / Viva Voltaire / Rio Grande). 

Dolce PF.JPG
US Equestrian and USEF Show Jumping Sires & Hunter Sires 2021 Rankings....
Celebrating our outstanding Oldenburg Stallion, Diamo Blue's lineage - Show Jumping's Finest.


US Equestrian and USEF for 2021 Leading Jumper Sires have ranked Diamo Blue's, sire Diarado, grandsire Diamant De Semilly, and dams' sire Chacco Blue.


Impressively, they have been ranked the "TOP Placings 1 thru 3."  Additionally, Diamo Blue's sire Diarado has captured US Equestrian and USEF's 2021 Leading Hunter Sire ranking as number one. 


It Is With Great Excitement We Welcome New Foals To The PF Family!

PF's Camilla W


We welcome this special filly to the Ryan Pedigo Sport Horse Family, a warm Celebratory welcome to PF's Camilla W - sired by: Cabardino/Carpaccio x Pour Gagne/Pilot x Rio Grande.


We are very thrilled and excited for this special filly's bright future.  

Rio's Rheia.JPG

Rio's Rheia PF


With great excitement we welcome this spectacular filly to the world, Rio's Rheia PF - sired by the great Canadian Olympic Team Member and Grand Prix phenomenon, Rio Grande. Rio's Rheia's special dam PF's Covergirl W sired by Cabardino/Carpaccio x Lavall I/Landgraf I x Corvado.


We could not be more thrilled with this little super star and are very excited for her very bright future.  

Diamo Blue Offspring


Celebrating more of our phenomenal Diamo Blue offspring, Dionysus (Diamo Blue x Rio Grande), Denali (Diamo Blue x Viva Voltaire x Cabardino), Desiree (Diamo Blue x Cabardino x Futurist), Daliah (Diamo Blue x Viva Voltaire).


We are very excited to see these special Diamo Blue offspring develop, they are surely bound for stardom!

Champions In Development! 


PF's Diamo Blue is a 10 year old Elite Fully Licensed Oldenburg Stallion who we welcome to stand exclusively at Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses & Ryan Pedigo Farms, in Riverside California.



Under sunny California skies, blooming flowers and warm spring air, we have the perfect setting for our spectacular Oldenburg Stallion Diamo Blue to strike a pose for the camera. We could not be more thrilled to stand this outstanding stallion here at Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses. Diamo has and continues to sire some of the finest sport horses Nationally.


Please visit Diamo Blue's page HERE for more information about this phenomenal stallion.

Welcome to our Foals of 2021!


With great excitement we welcome our first Diamo Blue (Diarado / Diamant de Semilly x Chacco Blue) foal of the season. He is a very special one! We proudly introduce DiMazio PF a spectacular bay colt. DiMazio PF's dam is  PF's Cera W (Cabardino / Carpaccio x Diamant x Rio Grande). We know this special colt has a very bright future ahead of him. 


We also welcome two beautiful fillies to the world. Introducing Allure PF (left) a special bay filly, and Amedea PF (right), a lovely chestnut filly; both sired by Apiro (Argentinus x Pilot x Cyrus). These very classy, elegant fillies have very bright futures ahead indeed.  



Diamo Blue

Diamo Blue in Germany
Diamo Blue Stallion

Fully Licensed Oldenburg Stallion

PF's Diamo Blue is a 10 year old Elite Fully Licensed Oldenburg Stallion who we welcome to stand exclusively at Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses & Ryan Pedigo Farms, in Riverside California. Diamo Blue has already celebrated a successful career in both the Hunter and Jumper rings, showcasing his many outstanding qualities: temperament, rideability, jumping scope, movement, correctness and class. These have elevated him to another level as a breeding stallion, in both the world of sport horse breeding and high performance stallions. Diamo is fully approved by The Oldenburg Society and is WFFS Negative. We are thrilled to have this wonderful stallion in our breeding program and look forward to his future progeny. 

Celebrating our flourishing six generations of Sport Horses bred here at Ryan Pedigo Hanoverians; each of these special athletes are individually unique yet all showcase the star qualities and talents of their similar rich heritage. Bringing some of the Finest European Sport Horse Bloodlines to US Soil, with great pride we offer these exquisitely bred sport horse athletes to our US, Canadian and Over Seas clientele. Celebratory drum rolls.... as we soon welcome 2021. With great pride we offer an outstanding Collection of Fine Sport Horses, our detailed sales list will be released in January 2021, exclusively prior to our 2021 sales list release, committed buyers may request our sale list prior.


Further diversifying both our outstanding Sport Horse Breeding Program & Sport Horse Sales Horses, we now are excited to welcome an additional group of Imports whose pedigrees showcase some of the finest Show Jumping Bloodlines; including - 


Contendro I - Contender, Viva Voltaire - Voltaire, Diamo Blue - Chacco Blue, Cabardino - Cor de la Bryere, Futurist - For Pleasure, Stakkato Grande - Stakkato Gold - Stakkato. We are both thrilled to develop and to welcome this outstanding group of Sport Horses to the ever-growing Pedigo Farms Family.


Please stay tuned for up-coming updates, video's, and pictures!


Pictured here are two of our youngest coming two-year-old's, PF's Dee Jay Blue W (Diamo Blue - Chacco Blue - For Pleasure - Cor de la Bryere - Rio Grande) and PF's Chamberlain W (Cabardino - Cor de la Bryere - Rio Grande - Voltaire). In addition, we have our coming four year old PF's Carrington W (Cabardino - Cor de la Bryere - Rio Grande).

We also welcome a special group of Eight Young Broodmares. These fine Sport Horses will stand in our broodmare band alongside our established broodmares. They bring great versatility as a new branch of our growing Sport Horse Breeding Program. 


Furthering our great accomplishment's in creating top sport horses who are destined for the Show Hunter ring, including Hunter Derby Competitions. Our imported broodmares really do over-achieve through their Elite Show Jumping Pedigrees.  To showcase their rich heritage, we name a few: Rio Grande - Raphael II, Diamont, Futurist - For Pleasure, Diamo Blue - Chacco Blue, Lavall I, Viva Voltaire - Voltaire, Esprit d' Amour - Espri, Cabardino - Cor de la Bryere.


We welcome these outstanding young mares to the ever-growing PF - Sport Horse Family! Stay tuned for updates as seven of our imported mares will be delivering outstanding sport horse foals in 2021.

Welcome to Our First 2 Foals of 2020

We are elated to announce the arrival of these SUPER FOALS:

A dark bay colt with chrome ~ Brando PF by Black Tie PF - World Cup IV - Matcho x

A chestnut filly with lots of chrome ~ Celeste PF by Cabardino - World Cup IV - Matcho x 

An elegant bay filly ~ Sabrina PF by Sam Steele PF - Matcho x - World Cup IV

A chestnut colt with chrome ~ Steele Blue PF by Sam Steele PF - For Pleasure - Feiner Stern

A beautiful bay filly ~ Shanel PF by Sam Steele PF - Matcho x - Feiner Stern

We are thrilled to welcome these very special sport horses to the world and really look forward to these little super star sporthorses bright futures.


Each of these very special young stallions bring great depth thru their outstanding show jumping pedigrees. Enriching the now 6 generations of homebred horses in our breeding program, our new stallions will enhance our trademark of producing consistent, quality sport horses for high level performance. We are elated these four young stallions are now members of our bloodline.



PF's Viktor, a 4 year old black Hanoverian Stallion sired by Viscount - Contendro I - Drosselklang

PF's Rio, a 4 year old Oldenburg Stallion sired by Rio Grande - Cabardino N - Lavall I

PF's Simba Gold a 2 year old Oldenburg Stallion sired by Stakkato Gold - Viva Voltaire - Argentinus

PF's DaVinci by Diamo Blue -  Diamant de Semilly - Cabardino


We could not be more thrilled!

Please visit our STALLION PAGE for more information.
Ryan & Senator.jpg

Ryan Pedigo & State Senator PF Featured in Sidelines Magazine

Ryan Pedigo & State Senator PF by Sam Steele PF, both pictured enjoying the recent issue of The Sidelines Magazine, were Pedigo Farms breeding program was recently featured. 
This photograph was also featured in the Sidelines Magazine Issue following our featured article. we were very pleased to be featured with Sidelines, and extend a huge thank you to the wonderful Sidelines Family your truly a class act. 
We celebrate our first Cabalito foal of the season and she is exquisite! We welcome to the world 'Chamonix PF,' a bay Hanoverian filly. Sired by the great Hunter Stallion Cabalito who has shown to great accomplishments from Hunter Derby's to successfully competing in the upper levels of the jumper divisions. Chamonix PF's dam line highlights one of the most successful hunter sires, Popeye K, who needs no introduction. We feel very fortunate to co-own Cabalito with White Hedge Farms in Texas. Cabalito brings a sophisticated pedigree to our continued development of our private bloodline of performance horses, as we continue to breed many generations forward. We have very high hopes for Chamonix PF!
We have eagerly awaited this very special colts arrival, Capri PF a bay Oldenburg Colt who is sired by the late world class sire Corlando. Corlando has sired many top performance horses, broodmares and approved son's from Germany, the United States and Canada. Capri PF's dam line is quite spectacular as well, as she is a granddaughter of the Olympic Jumping Stallion - For Pleasure. We feel very fortunate to have acquired a private stock of frozen semen from the great Corlando which is used privately in our program. We have very high hopes for Capri PF !

Homebred Mares Shine at AHS Inspection

A huge congratulations to our five homebred mare's accomplishments, as they are now members of The American Hanoverian Society's Mare Book.

On this wonderful fall day at Pedigo Farms, we held our annual American Hanoverian Society inspection. This group of five outstanding mares, who were presented to the AHS judges, were all wonderful in showcasing their abundance of quality.