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"On Success …" by Bethany P Photography

Excerpt from Bethany P Photography Facebook Post

"I have to tell you, on the path towards your biggest dreams you’ll encounter those who enable it and those who will block it. It’s just a fact. "

Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses
Ryan Pedigo and PF's Catch

Ryan Pedigo of Ryan Pedigo Sport-Horses Inc and Holsteiner stallion PF's Catch in Riverside, CA. Photo by Bethany P Photography © 2023

"And then there’s the rare person who walks the path alongside you so they can cheer you on every step of the way. I’m extremely fortunate to have a number of clients turned friends that I can reliably say qualify as such people.

Ryan is one.

When I met Ryan, I immediately realized that his enthusiasm and intelligence would only be outmatched by his joy and empathy.

It’s magnetic - his aura of positivity and enthusiasm - and he so freely gave it to all around him. His staff, his horses, his clients, not to mention myself all experience this feeling of safe keeping.

In the last 6 years, I’ve met many good hearted people - people who not only share my passion for horses but also share a compassionate heart for my well being. They care if I’m happy … they genuinely care. I’m not just a hired photographer, I’m a person real and whole.

Each time I encounter these souls, those that care for my personal as well as professional well being, I’m surprised and touched all at once. It makes me emotional.

Getting to do what I love is amazing.

Doing it with people who genuinely care for you turns amazing into astonishing.

At the end of the day, we are not just an occupational label. Be it a farrier, trainer, veterinarian, or even photographer - we are people with deep seated needs of comfort, happiness, and grace.

The people who are selfless enough to understand that and tend to that are rare indeed and should be celebrated. They should be showered with as much love and appreciation as they give to others.

Success is not just about how hard you work or how many opportunities you are given or how tenacious you are in the pursuit. It’s also about the people who love and support you, pick you up and dust you off, and celebrate just as enthusiastically each minor and major milestone.

You can't be successful without people. This is not a solo endeavour.

My hope for myself - my dream for myself - is that I can achieve success. NOT because I crave a monetary or notoriety value associated with the traditional definition of success, but because I wish to be in a position to support and encourage others in their pursuits just as so many, like Ryan, have done for me. "

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