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At Ryan Pedigo Farms, we pride ourselves on having the best Team of experienced horse professionals that makes for a wonderful working environment, happy horses and wonderful client/partner relationships.

We are proud to introduce you to this wonderful RPF Team! 


Ryan Pedigo and Ron Kennedy with Wolfe PF


Ron Kennedy

Ron Kennedy is an integral part of the RPF Team with over 45 years of experience in the equestrian world and as a valued friend and mentor to Ryan Pedigo for over 20 years. Ron recently retired from the day-to-day aspect of the horse business and now devotes his time to coaching, training and developing the talents of his own horses, as well as assisting Ryan with training and coaching of the young horses being developed for the show ring.

"I am excited to have Ron as part of my team, not only as an experienced professional, but as a trusted advisor and friend. Ron’s background is vast and he has achieved many successes…both for him, his clients and most importantly the horses he has helped train. From his days as a trainer at Family Farm, in Santa Ynez Valley, to training the horses of Joan Irvine Smith in San Juan Capistrano, Ron was able to take that experience and take his knowledge in a new direction. Ron and I have enjoyed many successes on the national show circuit and that relationship continues to this day. For Ron, his greatest joy is bringing up his individual young horses and seeing them work their way up the horse show circuit. ~ Ryan Pedigo


Adrianna Martenez with Ryan Pedigo


Adrianna Martenez

Adrianna Martenez is an important part of the RPF Team, with us for over seven years now, with great experience in both the equestrian and business world who's position at both Pedigo Farms and Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses has flourished. Adrianna is an intelligent, multi-talented young lady whose attributes are very well suited for her important roll at PRF; from giving lessons, riding, showing, assisting our veterinarian, foaling, breeding and managing our daily barn operations. Not only is Adrianna a great asset to our Team, she is also a trusted friend.  Truly, she is a very important part of Pedigo Farms and Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses.

Dr David G Treser DVM Logo


Dr David G Treser

David G Treser, DVM. Owner and Veterinarian at Equine Veterinarian Associates - who is not only an outstanding person, he is a pronominal veterinarian who we owe much gratitude for his consistent success in taking care of our very special horses. Dr. Treser has been a horse owner since 1968, when his parents bought a quarter horse gelding. From 1969 to 1974 he competed extensively in Western horse shows on the Pacific Coast in the Pleasure, Equitation, Trail and Stock horse categories. His undergraduate degree was in Zoology from Pomona College in Claremont and he graduated with his degree as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the University of California, Davis, with an emphasis in Equine Medicine and Surgery.

Ryan Pedigo Sport Horse Foal


Dr Jennifer Voltz

Dr. Jennifer Voltz is a truly talented veterinarian who we feel very fortunate for having her expertise and services in breeding our mares, providing mare and foal care and for her great successes in foaling.  She is widely known not only for her veterinarian talents but for her great commitment to our very special breeding horses; although this is just one of her many talents. Dr. Voltz founded Voltz Equine in 2005 as a solo equine practitioner providing ambulatory veterinary services in the California Inland Empire.

Ryan Pedigo Sport Horse Grooms


Groomsmen & Caretakers

We owe much gratitude and appreciation to our top groomsmen and stable caretakers. We are very fortunate to have such dedicated, experienced, hard-working professionals working on the front lines of our top operation. In reference to great dedication, experience and hard-working team we would like to mention: Jose - the head professional groomsman at RPF, has worked for our team for over 15 years; Enrique - our second in command groomsman for over 9 years; Bardo - head of operations in stable care for over 6 years; and William - second in command of operations in stable care for over 3 years.

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