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Many thanks to our dedicated customers, clients and partners who have helped make Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses such an amazing breeding and training facility.  

Jan Say

Jan - Client

"I was embarking on a life changing experience that would take me well beyond my wildest dreams! I was going to experience the equine world firsthand through the eyes of a dedicated equine industry leader, Ryan Pedigo.

Imagine the excitement of my journey: owning one of Ryan’s special horses, to then showing and eventually breeding and foaling the most amazing and sought after sport horses one could even imagine."

Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses

Tracy - Client

"Ryan has also helped me make my dream of breeding my own horses a reality.  I have spent many exciting seasons during foal watch when Ryan is at the barn around the clock waiting to personally deliver the babies.


Ryan’s generosity and willingness to share his elite horses is a rare quality. Each foal is spectacular!


I am so fortunate to be a member of the Ryan Pedigo Farms family!"

Kirsten & Ellie

Kristen & Ellie - Clients

"Ryan has an enthusiasm that is truly contagious, dedicating innumerable hours for the betterment of his clients and on behalf of the horses in his care.


Having spend a lifetime honing his craft, Ryan has an innate talent for selecting and breeding phenomenal horses and for bringing out the best in every horse and rider."

Ryan Pedigo & PF's Catch On Success Bethany P Photo

Bethany P Photography

"On Success … I have to tell you, on the path towards your biggest dreams you’ll encounter those who enable it and those who will block it. It’s just a fact.


And then there’s the rare person who walks the path alongside you so they can cheer you on every step of the way. I’m extremely fortunate to have a number of clients turned friends that I can reliably say qualify as such people.

Ryan is one. When I met Ryan, I immediately realized that his enthusiasm and intelligence would only be outmatched by his joy and empathy. It’s magnetic - his aura of positivity and enthusiasm - and he so freely gave it to all around him. His staff, his horses, his clients, not to mention myself all experience this feeling of safe keeping."

Jan Say

Jan - Client

"I have been privileged to see and learn from Ryan’s unwavering focus on the preparation he requires of himself to meticulously develop and train such incredible horses.


He lovingly views each horse as an individual and focuses his professional training techniques on bringing forth and managing their individual abilities."

Farm 25.jpg
Jan Say


Ryan is unique in that he has a lifetime of equine experience and business expertise combined with a love and compassion for his horses that drives every decision. He puts first the care and wellbeing of each horse. Ryan successfully developed each horse I have purchased from him into highly trained, successful show horses.

Ryan has established himself as a leading professional sport horse breeder by seeking and finding only THE most talented and prestigious bloodlines for his breeding program at Ryan Pedigo Farms.

Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses

Warmbloods of North America

Getting a better look into the history, passion and ambitions of the men and women working to progress the industry and help breeders understand the drive that cultivates warmblood breeding here in North America. 

Ryans' dedication to the North American warmblood industry is obvious. He supports North American and International registries alike, as he believes they have all helped develop and evolve, and continue to contribute to the growth and progress seen in the sport horse world.

Kirsten & Ellie

Kirsten & Ellie

As a breeder, Ryan has developed a top-notch program through years of dedication.  I am so fortunate to benefit by being a part of his program.


Ryan cares for each of my horses as if they were his own.  He is always respectful of his friends and clients, and strives to understand what they are looking for and how to best support them with his skill and talent. He understands the nuances of personality that vary from horse to horse and tailors his riding to best suit each one. At Ryan Pedigo Farms, he has created an environment that once you find you never want to leave.

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