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We Welcome FIVE New Foals To The PF Family!

We are elated to announce the arrival of these SUPER FOALS:

A chestnut filly with lots of chrome ~ Celeste PF by Cabardino - World Cup IV - Matcho x 

An elegant bay filly ~ Sabrina PF by Sam Steele PF - Matcho x - World Cup IV

A chestnut colt with chrome ~ Steele Blue PF by Sam Steele PF - For Pleasure - Feiner Stern

A beautiful bay filly ~ Shanel PF by Sam Steele PF - Matcho x - Feiner Stern

A dark bay colt with chrome ~ Brando PF by Black Tie PF - World Cup IV - Matcho x

We are thrilled to welcome these very special sport horses to the world and really look forward to these little super star sport horses bright futures.


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