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Our New Foals Have Arrived

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

With great excitement we continue to welcome more of our new homebred 2022 foals. And boy are they absolutely spectacular!

Introducing . . . .

Left to right, top to bottom

1. Diamo's Draven PF (Diamo Blue x Cicely / Cabardino)

2. Diamo's Deacon PF (Diamo Blue x Shelby / Stakkato Grande)

3. Diamo's Dior PF (Diamo Blue x CoverGirl / Cabardino)

4. Diamo's Draco PF (Diamo Blue x Candy / Cabardino)

5. Diamo's Delaney PF (Diamo Blue x Miss Maples / Magic)

6. Diamo's Angel PF (Diamo Blue x Musante / Hermantico )

7. Diamo's Damari PF (Diamo Blue x Musante / Hermantico )

8. Caelon PF (Cabardino x Vara / Viva Voltaire)

9. Chicarra's 2022 Colt (Diamo Blue x Chicarra / Cabardino)

These little super stars all have a very bright future ahead of them.


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