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Farewell to Sam Steele

It is with a heavy heart that all of us here at Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses say farewell to our elder foundation stallion, Sam Steele PF.

Sam Steele was an extraordinary sire who sired thousands of Top Sport Horses locally and internationally. Stamping his offspring with his outstanding qualities as: super athletes, with super movement, balance, correctness, talents and his truly wonderful temperament. Sam Steele was born in Canada, where he left a lasting impression with the judges during his Stallion Licensing. A first class stallion all the way, he went on to successfully campaign with both top international riders Erynn Ballard and Chris Pratt. Sam Steele's legacy lives on through his many offspring in our program and out in the equine world.

We say goodbye to our dear Sam. We are very grateful for all you have given to our program for over a decade, certainly your life size legacy will live on forever with us and in our hearts.


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