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Congratulations to our Mares

A huge congratulations to our five homebred mare's accomplishments, as they are now members of The American Hanoverian Society's Mare Book.

Wes Street Beauty PF

On this wonderful fall day at Pedigo Farms, we held our annual American Hanoverian Society inspection. This group of five outstanding mares, who were presented to the AHS judges, were all wonderful in showcasing their abundance of quality.

UpTown Girl PF

Two of our mares presented were sired by Wellesley PF - Wes Street Beauty PF and Wisteria PF, one is by Popeye K - UpTown Girl PF, one is by Sam Steele PF - Sheba de Princess PF and one is by Merlin (Magic) PF - MIss Maples PF.

Wisteria PF

We could not be more proud and thrilled to welcome these five young beautiful mares to our outstanding broodmare band.

MIss Maples PF (L) & Sheba De Princess PF (R)

Cheers to their great future ahead!.


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