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Celebrating Our Successful 2022 Breeding Season

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

At Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses we are celebrating our successful 2022 breeding season with great pride. Here, we present a photo collection of a number of our 2022 foals who are all gifted with tremendous talent, athleticism and a world class pedigree.

Such world class pedigrees greatly elevate each of these very special young sport horses as follows:

Sire Lines:
  • PF's Diamo Blue / Diarado x Chacco Blue

  • PF's Rio / Rio Grande x Cabardino x Lavall I

  • PF's Apiro / Argentinus x Pilot x Cyrus

  • Cabardino / Carpaccio

  • Viva Voltaire / Voltaire

Dam Lines:

  • Cabardino / Carpaccio

  • Rio Grande / Raphael

  • Diamo Blue / Diarado x Chacco Blue

  • Futurist / For Pleasure

  • Espri

  • Stakkato Grande / Rio Grande x Stakkato Gold

  • Salome 3rd / Serg'ej

  • Viva Voltaire / Voltaire

  • Sam Steele / Sherlock Holmes

  • Merlin - Magic / Matcho x

  • Federalist / For Pleasure

  • Feiner Stern

  • Wellesley / World Cup IV

These talented young sport horses truly have the brightest future ahead and we couldn't be prouder.

For more information, please contact us at:


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