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Celebrating 2019 Horse Show Success!

We celebrate Wylar PF by Wellesley PF for his great success at The National Sunshine Series. We could not be more pleased with this young horse's quality and willingness. We eagerly await the 2020 show season!! 


Majerus PF makes his first horse show debut at the National Sunshine Series, his first show in the US. We are very excited for this very special horse and looking forward to a great 2020 show season. with him and the entire RPF Team! 

Majerus PF waiting to head into the ring.

We congratulate Wiera PF by Wellesley PF on her great success at her first horse show with trainer Jonelle Ramsay. We extend a warm congratulations to Wiera PF's owners Lauryn and Larie Hall as well on this wonderful event. 

Wiera PF

We are pleased to announce the success of State Senator PF by Sam Steele PF during the 2019 show season. We are thrilled with the development of this very special athlete as he excelled in so many ways this season. We eagerly await the 2020 show season with him as well. 

State Senator PF ridden by Ryan Pedigo


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