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PF's Volkan W


PF's Volkan W by Viva Voltaire - Rio Grande - Raphael 

2 year old  - Chestnut Oldenburg Gelding.



Santana PF


Santana PF by Sam Steele PF - World Cup IV - Matcho x.


2 year old - 15.3 H - Hanoverian Mare


Santanna is a super moving, very correct young mare who truly showcases outstanding qualities. This short coupled young mare is very balanced in her way of going, outstanding winning movement, athletic jumping style, and very confident with in herself - allowing this young sport horse to excel in multiple disciplines.   

minni site.JPG

Maiden Minni PF


Maiden Minni PF - A beautiful rising 2 year old Bay Hanoverian filly. A very pretty type and beautiful elegant young filly, who truly exhibits an abundance of quality, super movement and correctness; with a very feminine look.


We look forward to her development into a top performance horse.

Merlin PF (Reg. Magic) / Matcho x / by Winnifred PF /Wellesley PF / World Cup IV.


Poppy K PF


Poppy K PF - A top producing young broodmare, rising 7 years old and a large lovely Hanoverian Mare. Poppy is also a proven producer of very correct, quality, good minded foals who have excelled well.


As a bonus to the purchase of this quality brood mare we offer a complimentary breeding to one of our stallions to accompany her purchase.


We are willing to part with this special mare because we have kept her son to carry on her legacy in our breeding program.

Popeye K x EMC Walantyna PF / Wellesley PF / EM Micaela PF / Merlin-Magic PF

Mandaly Bay.jpg

Mandalay Bay PF 


Mandalay Bay PF - A 5 year old 15.3 Hanoverian mare,  who is a very feminine type, with light quality movement and a wonderful stride. Sired by ES Merlin PF, who is by Matcho x, with a dam line that goes back to World Cup IV, the wonderful sire of Wellesley PF and a renowned jumper in his own right.

Mandalay Bay PF is currently being offered for sale as a broodmare, who's purchase comes with a free breeding of your choice from one of our outstanding stallions from Ryan Pedigo Hanoverians.

ES Merlin PF x EM Wellgunde PF / World Cup IV

Beauty Sallie B Wheeler Win.JPG

Wes Street Beauty PF


Wes Street Beauty PF - A beautiful rising 5 year old mare with movie star looks and an abundance of talent to match it! Sired by the Elite Hanoverian stallion Wellesley PF, out of the elite mare Mercedes PF. This mare is really special and one of a kind. 


Wes Street Beauty PF was the 2018 Sallie B Wheeler - West Coast Champion Three Year Old Filly. 


She was also the winner of 'The Hanoverian Breed Award.'

Wellesley PF x EM Morgan Le Fay PF / Merlin-Magic PF


Sea Queen PF


Sea Queen PF - a 3 year old substantial young mare who exhibits an abundance of qualities. Big powerful movement, light athletic way of going, correct scopey jumping style. Sea Queen is very kind and good minded with a long list of outstanding qualities that will insure great successes ahead as a top performing sport horse. She  is also  suitable as an amateur or children's horse.

DeeJay Blue.2.JPG

PF's Dee Jay Blue W


PF's Dee Jay Blue W by Diamo Blue - Diarado - Cabardino - Carpaccio 

Bay, 2 year old -Canadian Warmblood Gelding.


Marco 5.JPG

Major Marco PF


Major Marco PF  by Merlin/Magic PF x EMC Princez Wymsey PF / Popeye


3 year old Chestnut Hanoverian Gelding   


Major Marco PF exudes an abundance of quality, class, correctness, extravagant movement and athleticism.


A third generation offspring from our breeding program from dam EMC Princez Wymsey PF who is an exquisite Hanoverian mare and top scoring mare at her inspection into the AHS mare book. Princez Wymsey PF was sired by the famous conformation hunter stallion Popeye K who is the most winning hunter stallion from the Pre-Green Hunters to the Regular Working Conformation Hunter Divisions to date and who needs no introduction.

Sir Espri.JPG

Sir Espri PF


Sir Espri PF – A rising 5 year old, 16.0 hand, chestnut Oldenburg gelding. Sir Espri PF is light and powerful, with a big stride and elastic movement. He just glides across the ground.


Lots of scope over fences, very stylish, careful and jumps in classic form over fences. A perfect hunter prospect from the famous Sir Donnerhall line of Dressage stallions.

Sir Donnerhall I x Espri x Lemon xx


Southern Charm PF


Southern Charm PF - A  2 year old Hanoverian Gelding that displays the great type of his breed, he is sure to be an under saddle winner with his fancy movement, very beautiful manner and correct conformation. This youngster is bound for stardom as he is bursting with talent.  He jumps as stylish as he moves and has currently started some light young horse training.  He is delightfully willing to please. 

Sam Steele PF x EM Micaela PF / Merlin-Magic PF


Walanyka PF


Walanyka PF - A 7 year old gorgeous Bay Hanoverian mare, proven producer of outstanding offspring. Her foal, Wynter PF, is the 2-time winner of the 'Sallie B Wheeler Championship Award in 2016 & 2017.  Walanyka is currently in training preparing for the Baby Green Hunter Division at Thermal Circuit 2019. Walanyka PF is a beautiful type, with great movement and a very elastic jump.


Current free jumping and riding video is available.

Wellesley PF x EM Mathilda PF / Merlin PF


Modern Diva PF


Modern Diva PF - A pretty bay Hanoverian filly by Merlin PF out of EM Samantha PF (Sam Steele PF). Very elegant, well put together and feminine in type. This young filly shows lots of talent and promise as a top performance horse as she is developing and maturing.




ES Merlin PF X EM Samantha PF / Sam Steele PF


EMC Wisteria PF




Wisteria PF a very special mare who began her performance career as AHS Champion Foal, then went on to accomplish AHS Top Scoring Hanoverian Mare at her inspection. This mares outstanding pedigree showcases several notable stallions such as, World Cup IV, Matcho x, Feiner Stern and the great "E-Line", which richly showcases the very successful producer that Wisteria is. Wisteria's abundance of athleticism, jumping scope, superb style over fences, super movement and correctness, are all very apparent in her sport horse offspring who have excelled in multiple disciplines. 

Wroyal Diamond.JPG

Wroyal Diamond PF


Wroyal Diamond PF by Widmark PF -  Downtown Delight - Don Schufro

5 year old - 16.1 H - Chestnut Hanoverian Gelding.


Wroyal Diamond has a big stride and is a powerful mover with a great temperament. He is a very willing horse with a great work ethic. Classic hunter conformation, lots of scope, and talented over fences. He was the 'Sally B Wheeler Hunter Champion' for 2-year old colts in 2017 and he also received the top Hanoverian Award in 2017. Offered for sale, this gorgeous gelding will excel as a top hunter. 


Formula One PF


Formal One PF by For Romance – Sir Donnerhall – Contendro


4 year old Bay Hanoverian Gelding


Formula One PF is a beautiful bay rising star who showcases the typical Hanoverian with very expressive movement, correct conformation and four excellent elastic gaits. Formula One PF will be suitable for multiple disciplines with his outstanding lineage but would excel as a dressage prospect. 


Sensational Prince PF


Sensational Prince PF -  A rising 2 year old bay Hanoverian Colt who beams super star, big powerful mover,  very correct and a very special pedigree.


His brother Wolfe and sister Waltzing Mathilda have shown to grand successes as show hunters and this young guy will certainly follow in their footsteps. His dam, the late EM Mathilda PF - by Merlin/Magic PF - Matcho x  was a high scoring mare of North America at her mare performance test.  His sire is the Elite Hanoverian Stallion Sam Steele PF / Sherlock Holmes.

Sam Steele PF / Sherlock Holmes  x EM Mathilda PF/ Merlin/Magic PF - Matcho x 


Mikelle PF


Mikelle PF - A 3 year old, 16.2 hh, Hanoverian Mare. Striking Black in color, tall leggy, elegant mare, with three very impressive gates. A great granddaughter to the Olympic Stallion For Pleasure, and sired by the Elite Stallion Merlin PF, by Matcho x. This young mare is bred to jump and should be suitable for multiple disciplines.

ES Merlin PF x EMC Frederika II PF / ES Federalist PF


Mia Le May PF


Mia Le May PF -  A rising 2 year old  Black Hanoverian filly, Mia is beautiful in type, very correct in her gaits with a friendly nature. 


She will mature to be a true athlete and is sweet as can be. 

Merlin PF / Matcho x EM Spice PF / 

Sam Steele PF / Sherlock Holmes


Benjamine PF


Benjamine PF - A 3 month old chestnut colt with all the power, class, movement one looks for in a quality foal. Benjamine will definitely jump . He knows how special he is and we have very high hopes for this little super star.


Sired by our Hanoverian Stallion Black Tie PF.

Black Tie PF - Baroncelli x EM Winona PF / Wellesley PF - EM Mercedes PF / Merlin-Magic PF - Matcho x

Fidder Song PF.jpg

Fiddersong PF 


Fiddersong PF – A 2 year old, bay Hanoverian colt. Very refined type, good mover, put together very well. Would be suitable for multiple disciplines.

Fidertanz – De Niro – Bordeaux


Sebastian PF 


Sebastian PF - A 3 month old, medium size, Hanoverian colt. Very well put together, short coupled young colt, with lots of presence, and quality. This young guy is bound to be a star in any, and all discipline's, just like his dam he has a friendly, and kind temperament. His sire Hanoverian stallion ES Sam Steele PF, who is sired by Sherlock Holmes. The dam line goes back to World Cup IV.


Sam Steele PF x EMC Wyanetta PF / ES Wellesley PF


Sir Franswa PF


Sir Franswa PF  -  A 2 month old, medium size, Hanoverian colt. Very striking, leggy, powerful, yet refined young colt. Big light movement, he is bound to be a super star.


By the Hanoverian stallion ES Sam Steele PF, who is by Sherlock Holmes. The dam line goes back to Matcho x.

Sam Steele PF x Micaela PF / Merlin PF

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 5.22.35 PM.png

Material Girl PF


Material Girl PF  - A very pretty bay Hanoverian Filly, very beautiful in type, good mover, very sweet with good manners.

Merlin PF x Gladdy K /Graf Top II Bred by Signature Sporthorses


Wonder Prince PF


Wonder Prince PF - A gorgeous bay Hanoverian colt. This guy is a complete WOW, beautiful in type, conformation, movement and personality. He is a full sibling to the famous show hunter Wolfe WF. Wonder Prince brings all the quality, and class you would expect.


Wellesley PF x EM Mathilda PF / Merlin PF


Shipmate PF


Shipmate PF - a 2018 Hanoverian colt, a very special youngster, fancy in type, correct. And three very special gates, his dam Waltzing Mathilda PF had a very successful show career in the hunter show ring, winning multiple championships.



Sam Steele PF x EMC Waltzing Mathilda PF / Wellesley PF

Stunning Beauty.jpg

Stunning Beauty PF


Stunning Beauty PF - A 2 year old Hanoverian filly, very correct in conformation and type with quality movement, and fancy looks. Great bloodlines with both Sam Steele and Wellesley; proven producers of quality hunters. 




Sam Steele PF x EMC Wyanetta PF / Wellesley PF


Waltzing Mathilda PF


EMC Waltzing Mathilda PF, sired by our Hanoverian stallion Wellesley PF, a son of the great World Cup IV, is a modern Hanoverian mare and very successful show hunter.


Waltzing Mathilda's dam is the wonderful  Elite Mare Mathilda PF who was the top and most decorated North American Mare of her Inspection Year - Top scoring jumping mare of North America, top inspection scoring mare, winner of the Dr Hertwig Trophy and the Bari von Buedingen Memorial Trophy. It's absolutely no surprise that her daughter, Waltzing Mathilda, is following right in her dam's footsteps. With great success as one of the most accomplished show hunters in California, and then as top producing broodmare in our breeding program, this very special mare has quite the resume.

Wellesley PF – World Cup IV – Mathilda PF – Merlin PF – Matcho x – Esuador xx.


EMC Webi Shebelli PF


Elite Mare Candidate - Hanoverian Mare by Wellesley PF - Matcho x - Feiner Stern


Webi Shebelli PF is sired by our great Hanoverian stallion Wellesley PF, remains the last son of the great World Cup IV whose rich lineage reaches back to the famous W-Line of fine German bloodlines; to announce a few:  Woermann, Wohler, World Cup I, II and III. This historic pure Hanoverian bloodline dates back centuries, to the evolution of the Hanoverian breed as we know it today.


Webi Shebelli PF has consistently proven herself as a top producing mare, whose offspring have exhibited great quality, athletic abilities, big powerful movement, light in the air super jumping scope, great minds and willingness which have truly allowed them to excel in both their training and grand accomplishments.  


Wyanetta PF


Wyanetta PF - A 7 year old fancy and pretty Hanoverian mare, by Wellesley, our top producing hunter stallion, is already a proven great producer, but is now beginning her show career.  She is proudly offered for sale.

A beautiful type, with wonderful hunter movement, conformation correctness. She has a fantastic form over fences and is one to be an under saddle winner.

Wellesley PF x EM Marcelina / Merlin PF

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.07.03 PM.png

Quinton PF 


Quinton PF –  A handsome chestnut Oldenburg colt. Big flashy type, lots of chrome, big mover. Would be suitable for multiple disciplines.


Quarterback x Verb.Pr.St. Donnabelle


Magnolia PF


Magnolia PF  - A 3 year old, 16.1 hand, bay Hanoverian mare. Big powerful mover, very well put together with an impressive type.



Merlin PF x EM Wellgunde PF

/ World Cup IV


Sea Queen PF


Sea Queen PF - A handsome bay Hanoverian filly, very stoic, impressive type, good big powerful mover.



Sam Steele PF x EM Willa PF / Wellesley PF

Starr Burst.jpg

Star~Burst PF


Star~Burst PF - A beautiful chestnut Hanoverian colt , very flashy fancy type and well put together with big elastic movement.  

Sam Steele PF x EMC Waltzing Mathilda PF / Wellesley PF

Meiomi PF(new).jpg

Meomi PF


Meomi PF-  An 8 year old bay Hanoverian Mare . Lots of jump, very fancy, correct in type, the hack winner. Watch for her in the show ring.​


Merlin PF x EM Wellgunde PF / World Cup IV


Majerus PF


Majerus PF. Westphalen Black Gelding (recently gelded) stands at 16.3 hands and is 9 years old.


Imported by Ryan Pedigo Hanoverians


Quality hunter and equitation type, great rideability and an excellent temperament.


Starting his show career in the US in 2019 with a new owner.


Frozen Semen is still available.


Modern Diva PF


Modern Diva PF - A pretty bay Hanoverian filly by Merlin PF out of EM Samantha PF (Sam Steele PF). Very elegant, well put together and feminine in type. This young filly shows lots of talent and promise as a top performance horse as she is developing and maturing.



ES Merlin PF X EM Samantha PF / Sam Steele PF

Pierre 2.JPG

Pierre PF


Pierre has recently been sold and we are thrilled for his new owners. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 4.19.19 PM.png

Up Town Girl PF


Up Town Girl PF – A 4 year old, 16.2 hh beautiful bay Dutch Warmblood mare. Up Town Girl has a big stride and is an elegant mover.  She has a very quiet disposition and goes around on a loose rein.  She's a super hunter type and very 'amateur' friendly. She is also the Sally B Wheeler Hunter Championship winner for three year old fillies in 2017. 

Popeye K x EMC Frederika II PF / Federalist PF


Wynter PF


Wynter PF -  2 year old dutch warmblood mare. Very beautiful in type, a very decorated young mare with two years of wins at the Sallie B Wheeler National Hunter Breeding Championships 2016 Champion yearling filly, and tied for best young horse east, and west coast. 2017 Sallie B Wheeler National Hunter Breeding Championships receiving the Champion two year old filly.


Popeye K x EMC Walanyka PF / Wellesley PF

Scottish Hier_8439.JPG

Scottish Heir PF


Scottish Heir PF - A beautiful 5 month old chestnut Hanoverian colt. Very impressive in type, very correct, big powerful movement, lots of chrome.


Sam Steele PF x EMC Winona PF / Wellesley PF


Mac Romancer PF


Mac Romancer PF -  A black Hanoverian colt, very leggy, nice in type with three very impressive gaits.



Merlin PF x Poppie K / Popeye K 


Maybelline PF


Maybelline PF - 8 year old Hanoverian mare who is proven producer with beautiful elegant movement and classic form over fences.

Merlin PF x Frederika / Feiner Stern

Morgan Le Fay PF.jpg

Morgan Le Fay PF


Morgan Le Fay PF - Beautiful Hanoverian Mare, with correct conformation and very fancy in type. Watch for her in the show ring this season! 




Merlin PF x EM Frederika / Feiner Stern)


Black Tie Affaire PF


Black Tie Affaire PF.  A well put together and balanced son of Black Tie PF. He is a super mover and  jumps in great style with exceptional form. Very amateur friendly and is very good minded. He is starting his show career in 2019.


Bred by Talley Ruhle and imported by Ryan Pedigo Hanoverians he has just been sold to his new home.


Mona Lisa PF


Mona Lisa PF -  A stunning chestnut Filly, by our Hanoverian stallion Merlin-Magic PF. Mona LIsa PF is an outstanding Hanoverian filly with all the chrome and quality of this type. She is as sweet and smart as she is beautiful.  This gorgeous filly exhibits an abundance of quality in correctness, movement and presence. Like her dam, Winnifred PF, she truly beams with star qualities . 


Merlin-Magic PF x EM Winnifred PF / Wellesley PF

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