Wylar PF

BORN: 2015

Wylar PF by Wellesley PF - Matcho x - Feiner Stern.


5 year old - 16.2 H - Bay Hanoverian Gelding.


Wylar exhibits a big stride, elegant movement, three powerful gates, lots of scope, style and tons of talent over fences. Wylar is suited for multiple disciplines, already a winner both under saddle and over fences. He also has a very elastic careful jump. Wylar has begun a successful show career on the Southern California 'A' Circuit, already capturing many wins. Very suitable for the serious amateur rider or for the campaigning professional.

Starr-Burst PF

BORN: 2016

Starr-Burst PF  by Sam Steele PF - World Cup IV - Matcho x.


4 year old - 17.0 H - Hanoverian Gelding.


Starr-Burst is a big powerful Hanoverian gelding who truly draws much attention to his abundance of great qualities. With all the quality of an open professionals' horse; he equally makes a suitable amateur horse. Going very well under saddle; jumping baby green courses, with a big stride, flying lead changes, very finished on the flat, free jumps up to 3'6 with a lot more potential. This special gelding is truly the serious equestrians dream horse. From the baby green hunters, thru the professional and amateur divisions - to hunter derbies. This super athlete is destined to brightly shine in the years ahead.


Savannah Rose PF

BORN: 2017

Savannah Rose PF  by Sam Steele PF - World Cup IV - Matcho x.


3 year old - 16.1 H - Hanoverian Mare.


Savannah's feminine looks and charm of a true beauty - could not be more accurate. This outstanding sport horse exhibits it all - correctness, outstanding elegant movement, powerful light careful jumping talents, and a super mind as she is a pleaser. Certainly, fit for multiple discipline's this young mare is bound to shine very brightly in all avenues of her very successful path as a top performing horse. Suitable for a serious amateur rider, in a good professional program. 


Savoir Faire PF

BORN: 2017

Savoir Faire PF by Sam Steele PF - World Cup IV - Matcho x

3 year old - 16.2 H - Black Hanoverian Mare. 

Savvy exhibits all the quality, super movement, correct conformation and great athletic talent - truly suited for all equestrian enthusiasts where she will shine her bright star. Started under saddle, Savvy is very good minded, intelligent, and a pleaser. Outstanding breeding, great talents, and her black shinny coat - truly bring Savvy to the top of every buyer's sales list.  


Wellington Duke PF

BORN: 2017

Wellington Duke PF by Wellesley PF - Sherlock Holmes - Feiner Stern.


3 year old - 16.1 H - Hanoverian Gelding.


Wellington is all quality in a horse you could wish for to be a top performing athlete - he exhibits class, quality, athletic movement and jumping talents. Early on, as a foal, he captured the AHS Champion Colt at his inspection, as his talent where recognized. Now started under saddle, Wellington has begun his path towards many great successes as a performing sport horse, where he will truly shine his bright star. Suitable for the serious amateur rider, or for a professional to campaign. 


Sashay N' Vogue PF

BORN: 2018

Sashay N' Vogue PF by Sam Steele PF - Matcho x - World Cup IV.


2 year old - Hanoverian Mare.


Vogue is an elegant tall filly who exudes all of the qualities of a top sport horse - correctness, and three impressive gates. Very well suited for both the amateur and child rider; an outstanding temperament, athletic movement and correct jumping style. This young mare's bright future is clear, with endless possibilities ahead as she will excel in one - or many disciplines.

State Senator PF

BORN: 2015

State Senator PF by Sam Steele PF - World Cup IV - Matcho x


5 year old - 16.1 H - Chestnut Hanoverian Gelding. 


Senator is a big striding elegant mover, with three powerful gates, lots of scope, style and talent over fences. A superstar hunter type, he is suitable for multiple disciplines. Senator has horse show miles in the hunter ring, competing successfully on the Southern California 'A' Circuit, he is very amateur and child friendly, so he would suit both.

Song Bird PF

BORN: 2016

Song Bird PF  by Sam Steele PF - Matcho x - Feiner Stern.


4 year old - 16.1 H - Hanoverian Mare.

Song Bird exhibits quality! quality! Which has been very apparent from a very young age - as she captured a special award early on .. "The champion filly at her AHS foal inspection". As Song Bird has grown - naturally so have her great talents. As a two year old she attended the Sallie B Wheeler/West Coast with much success - capturing top placings in her age group as well as winning the Hanoverian Breed Award. Now under saddle, in forward motion to her career as a top performing sport horse, this mare showcases top movement, athletic jumping style, and a super willing mind. 


Shakira PF

BORN: 2017

Shakira PF  by Sam Steele PF - World Cup IV - Matcho x.


3 year old - 16.1 H - Hanoverian Mare.


Shakira exhibits all quality, talents, and class. This young mare's true outstanding temperament is one of many very dependable qualities in which truly makes her very armature and kid suitable. Her pleasing nature, correct conformation, eye catching movement - jumping talents, and true atheism over jumps. Speaks in the highest regard for this young mare - who's not only fit for multiple disciplines, she would be suitable as a three-ring horse. Shakira is currently going under saddle.


Social Butterfly PF

BORN: 2017

Social Butterfly PF by Sam Steele PF - World Cup IV - Matcho x


3 year old - 16.2 H - Hanoverian Mare. 


Butterfly's very feminine looks make the perfect first impression for this beauty - truly she has an abundance of talent to match. Beautiful, kind, intelligent and talented are a few words to describe this very special young mare. The sky is the limit for this beauty. Started under saddle, with beautiful movement and endless athletic ability, this young mare is destined to shine in any discipline. Suitable for the serious amateur rider, and for your professional to campaign.  


Strawberry Girl PF

BORN: 2018

Strawberry Girl PF by Sam Steele PF - World Cup IV - Matcho x


2 year old - 15.3 H - Hanoverian Mare.


Strawberry's super talents show thru and thru - extravagant movement and jumping talents set this beauty up for all the success ahead for her. Like her full sibling Savanah Rose PF; Strawberry showcases class, beauty, and  an abundance of talent. We look forward to this superstars great successes to come.



Waltz N' Vienna PF

BORN 2016

Waltz N ' Vienna PF by Wellesley PF - Matcho x - Feiner Stern.


4 year old - 16.2 H - Hanoverian Gelding.


Waltz exhibits exhibits not only an abundance of quality, he has three outstanding gaits, a careful and correct jumping style  and lots of scope. To match his talents he also has a very kind and willing temperament that truly is very impressive. This very elegant correct gelding indeed would be suitable for multiple disciplines - currently Waltz has begun his show career on the Southern California 'A' Show Circuit. 

Major Marco PF

BORN 2017

Major Marco PF by Merlin PF - Popeye K - World Cup IV.


3 year old - 16.1 H - Hanoverian Gelding


Marco exhibits all of the qualities sought after in a top performance athlete - powerful athletic jump, movement, correct conformation, super mind, willingness to learn and the need to please his rider. Big successes are in the very near future for this young Hanoverian who's star shines very bright. Like his grandsire, Popeye K, Marco exudes quality - showcased by an abundance of chrome. Started under saddle - suitable for the serious amateur rider or for your professional to campaign. 


Sea Queen PF

BORN: 2017

Sea Queen PF by Sam Steele PF - World Cup IV - Matcho x


2 -1/2 year old - 16.2 H - Hanoverian Mare.


Sea Queen is a substantial young mare who exhibits an abundance of qualities. Big powerful movement, light athletic way of going, correct scopey jumping style. Sea Queen is very kind and good minded with a long list of outstanding qualities that will insure great successes ahead as a top performing sport horse. She  is also  suitable as an amateur or children's horse.


Starlet of Society PF

BORN: 2017

Starlet of Society PF by Sir Gregory - Espri - Weltmeyer 


3 year old - 16.1 H - Hanoverian Mare.


Starlet exhibits a top dressage and jumping pedigree - with bloodlines of great versatility. At this point, this young mare showcases versatility at its finest - with both dressage and jumping talents. She is destined for great stardom! Already starting under saddle, this young mare is suitable for the amateur or child rider and will be suitable for multiple disciplines.



BORN: 2018

Mr. GQ PF by Merlin PF - Popeye K - World Cup IV. 

2 year old - 15.3 H - Hanoverian Colt.

Mr GQ is very flashy, with lots of chrome and charisma to match. What is not to absolutely love. Like full sibling Major Marco PF; GQ exhibits all class, talent, and athleticism as this young gelding will shine his bright star as a performing sport horse one day. He is very correct in his conformation, wonderful in type and exhibits all the talents and qualities of a top performance horse suitable for a variety of disciplines.  We look forward to this very special colts development into a top performance horse.