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Announcing the Retirement of Our Sport Horse Stallion PF's Diamo Blue

Here at Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses, we would like to officially announce the retirement of our sport horse stallion PF's Diamo Blue (Diarado x Chacco Blue x Landadel) from breeding. PF's Diamo Blue, originally a German import in 2015 by past owners W Charlot Farms / the whole Walch Family, where he stood at Charlot Farms and competed successfully in multiple Hunter Derby's.

Almost three years ago PF's Diamo Blue was purchased and imported by Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses in California, USA where he has stood to this point. Now Diamo will live the rest of his life out in retirement as a pet here at Ryan Pedigo Sport Horses.

Diamo enjoys his large stall, a lot of turn out time, his daily care, abundance of attention and his preferred ration of carrots.

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